mn economy


I propose that we eliminate the state income tax over time with strategic cuts to bloated bureaucracies and looking at other avenues for creating revenue for the state that benefits the middle class.

Keeping the big producers for our economy here where they belong and attracting new businesses that want access to all the advantages of our beautiful state will be a top priority.

I want Minnesota to be the Florida or Texas of the Midwest when it comes to attracting businesses.

Reducing the unnecessary and overbearing regulatory burdens would help the agricultural sector in our state thrive and allow diversity of producers. Simply put, it will keep too few players in agriculture from controlling too much of our farming.

I will restore faith in the American Dream to all Minnesotans. I will ensure that our rights are never again trampled upon. I will hold the rest of our political establishment to account when they do what is convenient or expedient instead of what is right.