It has never been more obvious that our public school system has failed students, parents and teachers. It is clear that the social development, educational attainment and emotional health of our students is of secondary importance to the career political class and their union masters.

With forced masking, even for the vaccinated and recovered, being pushed this fall we again see that the needs of our children, and the scientific evidence, take a back seat to unions playing power politics for their own gain.

Critical Race Theory

The ideologues and unelected bureaurcrats who run the public school system are trying to rush the “Critical Race Theory” (CRT) curriculum into classrooms across the state before parents have the chance to speak up and stop it. They lie about what CRT is, and they lie about what conservatives want to teach our children.

Students must be taught a complete history of America – warts and all. Slavery was real. Jim Crow was the law of the land. The Supreme Court once ruled blacks weren’t citizens. But the promise of America – contemplated and laid out in the Constitution – would not be deterred. Heroes fought to end slavery, to desegregate schools and to pass the Civil Rights Act. Everyday, Americans fight against the last vestiges of racism in America. Equality of opportunity is available to all Americans regardless of their color or creed.

Teaching children that America is systemically racist, that they should be ashamed of their skin color or ethnic heritage, or bound to fail because of it, is not only wrong, it’s child abuse. CRT seeks to impose equal outcomes on students regardless of merit, effort or ability. CRT is everything that heroes like Martin Luther King, Jr. fought to abolish.

How could my parents, clearly brown and clearly different, have succeeded in a systemically racist country? How could a systemically racist country have elected a black president – twice? How can black immigrants from Nigeria outperform whites by a large margin if our country has systems to keep blacks from succeeding?

Teaching students the kinds of hate and division found in this curriculum will do long term damage which means putting a priority on stopping it now.

As your governor, I will prevent our children from being indoctrinated by the radical left into hateful, racist ideologies.

School Choice

As the public school system descends further into woke orthodoxy, political indoctrination and anti-science edicts it is more critical than ever that parents of all economic means have the ability to educate their children as they see fit. Our children’s education is paramount to their development, mental health and future success.

The time to have school choice in Minnesota is now. As your governor I will support a robust school choice bill that will ensure that parents have the ability to select the best educational venue for their children: private, parochial, homeschool, charter or public school.