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During the COVID crisis of 2020 and ensuing “lockdowns,” Tim Walz and health bureaucrats insisted Minnesotans must sacrifice our freedoms in favor of a false sense of security. These government-mandated closures were forced on our state inconsistently and without a politically- or scientifically-legitimate basis. The virus that posed such a threat in small business settings, forcing their closure, was apparently not transmissible in superstores or at destructive riots and protests.

Walz’s politically-selective oppression caused businesses and livelihoods to be destroyed not by market forces, but by a government – and a governor – who took from us what wasn’t theirs to take.

As Governor, I will develop, support, and sign legislation that removes now and in the future any purported executive power to unilaterally abridge freedoms and impose unlawful mandates. For those of us who believe in science and real data, we know that states that focused on freedom are doing much better than those that extended lockdowns.

Let’s put Minnesota on the list of free and prosperous states.

Taxes and Regulatory Burdens

Minnesota has a highly-trained workforce, nation-leading research university, the best hospitals in the world, and a long tradition of innovation, manufacturing excellence and agriculture. Based on these factors, Minnesota should be positioned with states like Texas and Florida as a premier state for business. Unfortunately, our tax and regulatory environment requires massive reform if we are to achieve our potential.

We need bold changes to retain and grow the economy in Minnesota for future generations. As Governor, I will work to shrink the size and scope of government to unleash the Minnesota economy. Let’s give middle class families more of their dollars back to spend or save as they choose. Let’s reward the entrepreneurs and risk-takers who boldly move our state and economy forward. The time to act boldly is now.