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Minnesota needs to have a diverse energy infrastructure that includes nuclear, gas, wind and solar. Line 3 is an aging oil pipeline that needs to be replaced.

It has passed all environmental studies which were both rigorous and transparent. It was designed with input from those who own land in the area and native tribes.

Line 3’s completion will replace a 60 year old pipeline, create thousands of jobs, while taking advantage of a $2.6 Billion private investment in our infrastructure.

For those reasons, and for Minnesota to remain energy independent, it’s time to complete Line 3 so that our vital energy supplies can be safely transported.

Since President Biden took office, oil pipelines, which transport that vital resource to our economy, have been vilified and even shut down with no credible justification. The result has been skyrocketing prices at the pump, less energy efficient transport of oil and dwindling supplies.

We cannot let Minnesotans, who still greatly rely on fossil fuels to power their lives, feel any more pain at the pump.