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As someone who has dedicated my life to science and medicine, it’s a tragedy to see government bureaucrats and allies in the medical industry destroy science. Our children were forced out of school, our businesses were shuttered and our liberties were ignored based on fear. From masking our youth athletes to locking healthy individuals in their homes the career politicians have followed political science instead of actual science.

Now, we have a new threat knocking at the door: forced vaccinations. Fundamentally the question of vaccination, for me and for many others, comes down to health freedom. Each person should decide for themselves if they want to be vaccinated. Their choice affects only themselves. There is this false argument from the public health bodies that somehow an individual’s refusal to vaccinate imperils others. This is simply untrue. Asymptomatic spread happens rarely, if at all, ( and both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread SARS CoV-2 if symptomatic (

I will always stand up for individual liberties and respect our Constitution. Let’s bring science and common sense back to our response to COVID.