Every single day, law enforcement officers across Minnesota risk their lives to keep our communities safe. How are they treated in return by our current governor and his extremist allies? They’re belittled and even attacked while their departments are defunded by the radical left.

While the number of officers in our communities has declined, violent criminals are being released on our streets without even being charged. Response times worsen and police presence declines as public safety departments are deliberately deprived of the resources and personnel needed to allow all of us, especially our most vulnerable communities, to live our lives safely and securely.

I believe Minnesota’s law enforcement officers sacrifice themselves and serve the public in ways most of us could never imagine. As Governor, I will ensure they have the tools, training, and support from the top that they must have to protect us.

The 2020 riots in Minnesota and the mishandling of the crisis by Tim Walz and city leaders destroyed much more than reported by our local media. The physical and economic destruction is obvious. But the most damaging, longest lasting effect is the loss of any faith we had in Walz and radical elected officials in our two largest cities to meet their duty to keep us safe.

While large corporations can simply rebuild, countless small business owners, the people who keep our state going, lost their life’s work. Among the hardest hit have been minorities who own businesses in diverse neighborhoods.

Did Tim Walz and the hard left elected officials in Minneapolis and St. Paul defend the embattled Third Precinct when it mattered most? Of course not.

Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey placed their standing with left-wing extremists ahead of their oaths to protect the citizens they serve. They ordered our police to “stand down!” and refused to employ the National Guard – our citizen soldiers standing at the ready to preserve the peace. Over protests by the police themselves, Walz and his radical allies destroyed any belief Minnesotans ever had in them to place public safety over their own absurd “wokeness” credentials.

Taking Walz’s lead, the short-sighted response of left-wing city officials to the death of George Floyd has been to “Defund the Police.” Crippling or even eliminating the only organization standing between order and chaos for Minnesota makes no sense. Before last year it would have been impossible to believe these career politicians – even the radical left – could hide behind their own personal security forces while those who live in communities ripped apart by violence pay the price.

Under Tim Walz’s watch, what has happened in our state:

  • Since 2019:
    • Carjackings are up 300%.
    • Robberies are up 32%.
    • All violent crime is up 14%.
  • In Minneapolis, homicides are on pace to exceed the “Murderapolis” record of 1995: up 89% year-over-year (

These aren’t just statistics. The colossal failure of Tim Walz and the radical left is affecting real people, including the most innocent and worthy of our protection. In just the past three months, violence has claimed the lives of 6-year-old Aniya Allen and 9-year-old Trinity Ottoson-Smith. These tragedies are unimaginable to any parent and have placed our communities in constant fear.

Yet the virtue-signaling Minneapolis City Council continues to call for the destruction of the Minneapolis Police Department as officers retire in droves. It’s time for voters across the state including our urban centers to reject these outrageous and dangerous ideas that are costing us so much.

Like every profession, law enforcement can and must evolve and improve. But what isn’t debatable is the essential role law enforcement plays in our communities and the respect we owe those committing their lives to honorable service. Working with leaders in the law enforcement community, our team is crafting plans and policies that will lead to safer, more effective policing and reduced crime across Minnesota. As your Governor, I will put those plans into action to make Minnesota safe and secure again.