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The second amendment is not about hunting. It’s about defending yourself, your family, your business, and your country. As a proud gun owner who carries regularly for the protection of my family, myself, and those around me, I will be a stalwart defender of the second amendment.

I will work with the Minnesota legislature to expand gun rights in our state. We cannot give in to falsely-named “common sense gun laws” that penalize law-abiding citizens who seek a defense from the actions of criminals.

The Truth About Gun Deaths

Despite continued falsehoods propagated by mainstream media sources, the gun death problem has nothing to do with rifles like the AR-15. The reality is that the gun death epidemic is a reflection of our mental health epidemic: two-thirds of all gun deaths are suicides. If we are serious about making a dent in gun deaths then we need to be serious about solutions for our neighbors in crisis. Minnesota should lead the way with patient-centered, non-punitive, non-confrontational interventions to help those struggling with suicidal thoughts who have access to firearms.