As someone who has dedicated my life to science and medicine, it’s a tragedy to see government bureaucrats and allies in the medical industry destroy science. Our children.. [Read More]

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Life begins at fertilization, or conception. This is a biological fact. Open a human embryology textbook and the definition is clearly stated. As a practicing physician[Read More]

It has never been more obvious that our public school system has failed the students and failed parents, while teachers are caught in the middle with their hands tied by[Read More]

During the COVID crisis of 2020 and the ensuing “lockdowns,” Minnesotans were told by Tim Walz and health bureaucrats that we must sacrifice our freedoms on the altar of false-security.

We saw businesses and livelihoods destroyed… [Read More]

I will work with the Minnesota legislature to expand gun rights in our state and not give in to so-called “compromises” like Red Flag Laws, which are positioned as a way to curb gun violence. In reality, these laws end due process and… [Read More]

We need bold changes if we’re going to retain and grow the economy in Minnesota for our children and their children. Let’s shrink the size and scope of government[Read More]

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