Dr. Neil Shah described his primary challengers as weak against the left and characterized Gov. Tim Walz as an amoeba that is beholden to radicals in an interview with Alpha News Thursday.

Walz “has no central, underlying ethical principles that guide his actions, so he’s like an amoeba … he responds to stimuli, particularly when he’s squeezed by the radical left,” Shah said, criticizing how the governor handled the coronavirus pandemic and last summer’s BLM riots. “[Walz] let neighborhoods I used to live in burn down, he’s letting kids get shot in north Minneapolis, he does not care [and] he refuses to stand up to the radical left.”

Shah is the owner of a metro-area dermatology practice who made his first public foray into politics in early August when he announced his candidacy for governor. Since then, he has sought to define himself against the backdrop of five other Republicans — the most well known of whom is Dr. Scott Jensen, another physician and former state senator.

However, despite their similarity as medical professionals, there seems to be little love lost between the two doctors. During the interview, Shah highlighted Jensen’s record of supporting gun-control bills — proposals Jensen says he no longer supports — and also accused Senate Republicans in general of offering weak resistance against the left.

“We’re not playing defense, we do own the Senate so you dig in your heels and you fight for something … you don’t have to play nice, the DFL is not our friends,” he said, airing his frustration with the performance of conservative state legislators.


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