Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Neil Shah Launches Petition to Stop Critical Race Theory in Schools
September 29, 2021 Hayley Tschetter
Dr. Neil Shah

A Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Neil Shah, launched a petition to stop teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools. Shah, a “husband, father, physician, business owner and son of immigrants,” is one of six Republican candidates in the 2022 governor race.

Shah is passionate about school choice and opposing Critical Race Theory in schools. As The Minnesota Sun reported, school choice is one of Shah’s campaign issues. His campaign website reads, “How could my parents, clearly brown and clearly different, have succeeded in a systemically racist country? How could a systemically racist country have elected a black president – twice? How can black immigrants from Nigeria outperform whites by a large margin if our country has systems to keep blacks from succeeding?”

The petition regarding CRT says, “Decentralization and school choice are necessary to root out special interests, restore parental autonomy in education, and provide a higher quality of education for all Minnesotans. This issue is of critical importance if we are to preserve liberty and Minnesotan values for future generations.”

Shah says that in order to “restore parents’ rights in education,” things need to change. He outlined some specific steps that should be taken.

The petition asks that mask mandates in K-12 schools be reversed to allow parents to make the decision on whether to mask their child or not.


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